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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kristyn and Colt with Kosmo the dog!

Kristyn loves Colby, just like everyone else. Colby is "Auntie's" first little nephew.
Auntie makes the cutest noises and loves to play with him. Kristyn spoils Colby.

Kristyn loves her "sissy boy" Kosmo!
Kristyn doesn't go too many places without her baby side kick.
Kos was a birthday gift from Colt.

When taking Kristyn and Colt's portrait, they are so fun to photograph. Kristyn just jumps on Colt and they just kind of pose themselves.

Kosmo was bleeding on his back paw. So we hid his foot on a towel. He was so good about sitting on the towel. As you can see he never sat and laid in all of these pictures...Good Boy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

LCPA Dance

These beautiful ballerina was Claire in the Nutcraker 2010. What a beauty.

These cuties were all smiles, and loved choosing their own poses.

This ballerina is dreaming of her very own toe shoes.
All of this class loved this pose.

Harmony and Hannah are my precious friends!

What beautiful sisters as well as dancers.
Love you two girls!

This older class was listening to all of their mothers coaching them on posing with serious faces, which if great. But, I thought something a little unusual for these prima ballerinas would be fun...They all loved posing like Charlie's Angels.
Thanks for the goofy pose for me!

This was a very fun assignment so photograph all of the ballerinas. The energy and excitement was in the studio the entire day as we caught the moments of this years dancers. Kathie was fabulous to work with, hoping to work with her again!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Max

WoW! I was having the greatest time photographing this large family, when all of a sudden we did a quick impromptu baby session. How can you have a two week old baby at a photo shoot and not spend time loving the beautiful little addition to the world and family. Max was very co-operative!

Funny Faces

This little family stole my heart. The little boys were so funny with all of their funny faces. Their Mommy was trying to settle them down, but I was so happy to capture their cute personalities.

This family was so fun to photograph. I loved photographing the children...well that adults were fun to do too. Thanks Rush family!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Colby's first Christmas

With such a cute subject and an antique sleigh and old school Christmas lights, how could we go wrong? We couldn't!!!

Love my sweet Colby Ian McGill

Just checking out the Christmas lights, how do these work?

Isn't he just the cutest? It's my favorite! It's just so sweet. Sweet Colby!

Busy as a Bee

There are several photos of my first time photographing bees and the process of making honey! Thanks to Andrea and Danny for inviting me to participate. I am usually terrified of bees, but I will do pretty much anything, with my camera in hand. It was truly fascinating.

Erick, Jessica & Colby McGill

These are my favorite portraits of the day. My family is so photogenic. How could Colby help but be so cute? He looks just like his Daddy with his Mommy's eyes.

I have to admit, this is what I think of when I think of Colby. He has the most beautiful smile and when he does his eyes twinkle! Just thinking of him makes me smile!